Shamanic drumming

I. Introduction. 
Here, I would like to say a few words to those who feel that they would like to learn to play the shamanic drum. While you are playing on the shamanic drum you need to focus on yourself, on the sound of the drum, on the environment, and if you play for another person to that person. Rhythm that we play is somewhat secondary to the process of drumming. This does not mean that I recommend not to deal with the rhythm or not to practice different rhythms
II. Follow your intuition and learn the technique. 
The first case, the dichotomy "play intuitive" and playing with the techniques. It is not true. Technique is a way of extracting sound and the adaptation of a rhythm to a strict dance or melody. It can be said objective aspects of drumming. Intuition, in turn, refers to the subjective aspect - it is difficult to objectively determine if someone is playing intuitively, and fairly easy to see if someone uses a technique or not. What is very important - both of these aspects are independent of each other. This means that one can play intuitively and do not use any technique, someone else can play counterintuitive and not to use any means, and may play counterintuitive though, according to some principles of music, and in the end you can play intuitively having a body of techniques or skills . From what I realized in the course of conversations with people, for which I did the drums saying "playing intuitive" thinking - playing based on intuition and without specific preparation, while saying "technical playing" think about playing with the techniques, but without intuition. This shows that the limit and is essentially playing field shamanic drum. That's what I encourage people who want to play it is to always followed the intuition while playing but at the same time to learn techniques. I think no need to convince anyone who has or is seeking shamanic drum that the use of intuition in the course of play is very important. (Although I'm not so sure we all mean the same thing when we talk about intuition when playing - here it may be worth to back to the topic and write about the experience I have with playing for people - actually, the idea is to get rid of even intuition of consciousness, and follow only with what is happening, actually give a lead).
III. The basic technique.
 The first case was the subject of techniques, it is worth to learn to play with the accent on first beat. Let's do an exercise that will allow us to gain this ability. 
Exercise 1
Sit back, grab a hand drum and stick and start hitting the drum for a count of four. After some time, say a minute to start hitting on the "1" louder, so that you have or have had three and one soft sounds loud. Play as the next tens of seconds. Probably you will hear that rhythm that you play is a popular tribal rhythms. For "fun" now try to move the accents, ie. Play counting to four, but the first with a louder sound to "2", then after two minutes with a louder sound to "3", and finally with a louder sound to "4". After taking the whole round, repeat several times the entire exercise. You'll see that it's not that difficult, but not easy. If you feel tired or weary yet it go to the next exercise, which involves stressing the two sounds. In many rhythms emphasis on the fourth and the first note.
1   2   3   4 
1   2   3   4
1   2   3   4
1   2   3   4

Exercise 2
Chooses a song you like to sing. I choose for myself now the song "The Earth is my body" 
 "Earth is my body,
 water is my blood,
 air is my breath,
 fire give me strength"
Sit back and start to sing and play the drum, or stick in membrane :) So go ahead and hit with a baton in the membrane hitting louder at the beginning of each verse. You get one accent for eight sounds.

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